eric_Blum_960 Eric Blum

Vice-President, Chief Technology Officer, BMC

Eric Blum has been with BMC for the last 11 years. 
Thanks his previous tenure as the BMC EMEA Services VP, He has a particular emphasis on large Digital transformational and innovative programs across international organizations, involving multi-sourcing / Cloud strategy.  Eric is engaged on delivering break-through Service Management platforms, with a user-centric focus, and Internet of Things scope, to enable new corporate business models. 
With his background, Eric is collaborating with a number of CIO / CTO’s, contributing to visioning, planning, benchmarking activities. Prior to BMC, Eric held different management positions at SAP, Informix and Infor ( SSA).
He also likes to share his passion for Ultra-trails and climbing top summits of the world, as part of his own transformation journey.

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