Joshua McKenty

CTO, Cloud Foundry at Pivotal, Inc.

Joshua was one of the early architects of OpenStack, and a co-founder of OpenStack startup Piston. Joshua joined Pivotal in fall 2014 as field CTO for Cloud Foundry. He hopes to make Cloud Foundry, running on OpenStack, into what NASA envisioned several years ago.

Prior to Pivotal and Piston, Joshua McKenty was the Technical Architect of NASA’s Nebula Cloud Computing Platform and the OpenStack compute components. As a board member of the OpenStack Foundation, Joshua plays an instrumental role in the OpenStack community.

Joshua has over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, management and software engineering and architecture. He was the team lead for the development of the Netscape Browser (vs. 8) as well as AOL’s IE AIM toolbar, and a senior engineer at He also led the successful first release of OpenQuake, an open source software application allowing users to compute seismic hazard, seismic risk and the socio-economic impact of earthquakes.

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