Tactalis and Trajectory the big winners at Subculture Edmonton

The road to INTERZONE began last night with the inaugural Subculture event. Over 100 attendees packed El Cortez Tequila Bar & Kitchen in Alberta’s capital city – Edmonton, including visitors from all over Western Canada.

In the opening keynote, Chris Moore invited local technologists to push for an innovation lab in Edmonton – following the successful public-private partnership models shown in cities such as Barcelona & Helsinki.

The panel discussion raised some interesting questions on data security with the ‘disruptors’ sending a message to ‘enterprise’ and ‘government – “we don’t trust you with our personal data” and ‘government’ sending a message back “The government is doing a lousy job fostering innovation. We know this. Tell us how to do a better job.”.

Five startups then went ‘Face-Up’ and showed their best hand to the pitch competition judges and audience. There was unanimous agreement among the judges that all five participants were viable businesses to watch. In the end Tactalis was declared winner and Trajectory runner-up – both moving on to the Subculture Finale at Interzone.

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