geoff_hayward_960 Dr. Geoff Hayward

Director CenturyLink

Dr. Geoff Hayward joined CenturyLink through the acquisition of DataGardens in 2014.  Geoff was founder and CEO of DataGardens, a leading provider of Inter-Cloud and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service Software. Prior to fouding DataGardens, Geoff directed Product Management with Platform Computing Inc. (since acquired by IBM) and held several leadership positions with YottaYotta Inc. (since acquired by EMC). In particular, he led an advanced business and technology development team that developed the world’s first Gbps wide area storage network system. Geoff also led an international team that set a world record for high-speed, long-distance disk-to-disk data transfer. Geoff is holder of ten awarded patents and has approximately 25 scholarly and trade publications.

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