Edward Wilson-Smythe

Principal & Practice Lead, Avasant Digital

Edward Wilson-Smythe is a Principal in Avasant, a global high-value management consulting firm, and leads Avasant Digital, a practice focused on enabling enterprises, technology and service providers, and governments define and execute digital business strategies that seamlessly link business strategies to technology and organization transformation and strategic partnerships to realize new business models and value chains, driving sustained value competitive advantage.

 Edward had more than 20 years of consulting and management experience that covers every major global market and region, and has a proven track record of advising CxO-level clients as well as senior Government policy makers in developing and executing technology-enabled business strategies and policies to enable Digital Business and accelerate the Digital Economy.  Edward’s particular area of interest is emerging technologies and digital business models, including business strategies driven by digital value chains and the Internet of Things, platform-based services, and supply market and technology trends.  As part of his work, Edward has lived, worked in and visited more than 75 countries, developing a unique perspective on economic, political and social trends and their impact on longer-term business planning, and developing deep insights into emerging markets and delivery locations.

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